About Christine Morling


Welcome! Are you ready to take a journey to health and well-being?

Curious about how your body moves and how you can help it move better?

Would you like to be challenged but also have fun? I can help you with that! As a Pilates and Melt Method instructor, I bring over 20 years of movement experience to my classes. I bring knowledge gained from the many courses and workshops I’ve attended.

I love teaching and helping people re-discover their joy of movement, re-connecting to themselves, and reducing chronic pain.


Pillars of Movement


Mind-body exercise, designed to improve body awareness, range of movement and core stability.

Guided by 8 principles:

  • Breath
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Flowing movements
  • Alignment    
  • Co-ordination
  • Concentration
  • Stamina


A wonderful and powerful fusion of dance, martial arts and mindfulness practices.   Blending 52 moves, amazing world music, barefoot dance, a little magic, to create joy in your life.


A hands-on therapy using a specific technique with gentle pressure. This stimulates the entire body allowing it to ‘reboot’ itself. For pain relief and overall health.

What’s the numbers

In order to live our lives to the fullest we need a healthy flexible spine, strong core to stand tall and efficient muscle and joint function to allow a full range of movement.
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Teaching Pilates
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teaching Nia
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as a Bowen therapist
Clients Taught

Qualifications & Courses

  • Movement Studies Honours degree
  • Gymnastics and Trampoline coaching courses
  • Top Condition SA Pilates Matwork course
  • Body Control Pilates Matwork course
  • Body Control Pilates Intermediate Matwork course
  • Body Control Pilates Back 4 Good course
  • Pilates Shoulder workshop
  • BASI Pilates Workshop
  • Conscious Movement Conference, SA 2010 / 2014
  • Bowen Therapy Course
  • Bowen Workshop with Julian Baker
  • Bowen AIM Pelvis and Lumbar workshop
  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Certificate
  • Nia White Belt
  • Nia Blue Belt
  • Nia Workshops: East London and Cape Town
  • Nia Workshop: Johannesburg with Kelle Rae Oien


What people say
  • Moving Life’s classes are brilliant! I’ve suffered with lower back issues for years and have tried lots of treatments to improve it which haven’t had lasting results. I’ve only been doing Pilates for a couple of months and I’m really noticing a big difference. I love the classes because Christine varies it so much that you’re always doing something different, making it fun and interesting. I also enjoy it because it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising yet it’s really toning and strengthening your muscles and core! I would recommend Moving Life’s classes to anyone, of any age. It makes you feel good physically and mentally and you couldn’t meet a nicer or more laid back lady than Christine.

    Hannah Brodie
    Hannah Brodie
  • I’ve tried a few different kinds of exercise classes but none fired me up until I tried Nia. I love the
    combination of dance and exercise and the music is right up my street. Christine makes it easy to
    follow and copy, and is an engaging role model.

    susan lane
    Susan lane
  • Loved my Pilates class with Christine – really excellent teacher. Easy to follow, great pace and fabulous exercises. Highly recommended!

    Alison Haskins
    Alison Haskins
  • After a long break, Christine has reignited my love for Pilates. Classes are welcoming, individualised and truly wonderful for both the body and mind.
    Thank you Christine

    rachael rose testimonial
    Rachael Rose