Reform yourself…the beauty of Pilates Equipment


When I first started teaching Pilates in East London,  I could only lust after the specialist equipment that Joseph Pilates designed…like the Reformer, adapted from a hospital bed, and the Pilates Chair. It’s  expensive to train as a Pilates Instructor and if you want to add the big equipment you need to take some deep breaths  before buying.

Pilates exo chair

A few years ago, I was looking  in a magazine at some photos of a studio filled with Balanced Body Pilates equipment, the Rolls Royce of equipment.  It was out of my reach but I decided to put all those self help books I’d been reading to good use and try the power of positive thought; I put the photos on my studio wall and dreamed of owning a studio full.  Last year I was finally able to buy these gorgeous items; Balanced Body equipment is beautifully designed and made in the USA, and they are a joy to use…and they are Mine!

Why would someone use a Reformer or Chair or Arc? Because they open up an Aladdin’s cave of extra movement,  they are challenging and fun. They are invaluable for rehabilitation work but amazing for ramping up the workload.

BB Arc complete

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