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Christine Morling Pilates
I opened my first Studio, Vincent Pilates Studio,  10 years ago! I was looking over my certificates and as I was wondering which ones were worthy of framing, I saw the date on my Body Control Pilates Matwork course…I qualified in 2006!   I’ve been teaching Pilates...
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Each month at Moving Life Studio there is a new focus for the Pilates classes. For April we have been working on THE UPPER GIRDLE: shoulders and upper back. Do you experience shoulder or neck pain or stiffness? Having had my share of shoulder injuries...
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When I first started teaching Pilates in East London,  I could only lust after the specialist equipment that Joseph Pilates designed…like the Reformer, adapted from a hospital bed, and the Pilates Chair. It’s  expensive to train as a Pilates Instructor and if you want to...
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pilates back pain
The main reasons people come to my studio are to get fit, strengthen their core, get rid of their belly (even when there is no evidence of one!) and because they have back pain. Does Pilates help ease back pain?In my experience, Pilates can ease...
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bowen technique
Sometimes I get the urge to put on my witch costume and cackle, Yes,  I’m a Bowen therapist! People mutter about magic hands when they leave a session where, although they have felt very little being done, their pain is reduced or gone. “What happened?...
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