What is Nia?

  • A movement and wellness practice, using 52 simple moves, blending dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices,  addressing each aspect of your life – body, mind, and soul.
  • Nia delivers full-body conditioning leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.
  • Nia uses a vast array or genres of music to keep classes fresh and keep you inspired and curious.
  • Practiced barefoot, Nia’s purpose is to inspire and guide people to listen to the wisdom of the body, choose movement that feels good, and find connection in community.

How can my Nia classes help you?

  1. Become stronger, more flexible and Improve cardiovascular fitness
  2. Improve your co-ordination and balance, your agility and mobility
  3. Learn to listen to the sensations in your body, so you move in a way that feels
  4. Increase your ability to find pleasure in movement and joy in life

A Short History of Nia

In 1983 in San Francisco,  Debbie and Carlos Rosas had a successful aerobics business. However,  they found that the MOST likely individual to get injured in an aerobics class was…the instructor! If we are doing movement that is truly “the Body’s Way” then doing MORE of it should bring HEALING not INJURY…right?!?! Debbie and Carlos thought so.

Injury and burnout sent them on a journey studying 9 different movement forms. Drawing from the Marital arts (Tae Kwan Do, Aikido, and Tai Chi), Dance arts (Duncan, Modern, and Jazz) and Healing arts (Yoga, the work of Feldenkrais, and the Alexander technique), Nia was born; a fusion fitness that uses whole-body expression, pleasure-centered principles ( what feels good in YOUR body) to create joy, healing, and integration for both body and mind.