pilates class

What is Pilates?

  • A challenging, low impact, full body workout, using the mind/body principle.
  • Done barefoot, the aim is to flow through exercises which you adapt to your level.
  • Pilates improves strength, flexibility, posture, balance, co-ordination and body awareness.
  • Used both for rehabilitation and as a challenging workout for dancers and athletes.

How can my Pilates classes help you?

  1. Become stronger and more mobile
  2. Strengthen your core
  3. Improve your ability to breathe fully and deeply
  4. Release stuck tension and allow you to move with greater ease
  5. Develop your body awareness and increase your understanding of good movement patterns and alignment
  6. Improve your physical, mental and emotional well being

A Short History of Pilates

The founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates ( 1880 – 1967) was born in Germany. Because of ill health in childhood, he became obsessed with physical activity, trying many different forms, to improve his own health and fitness. His method, originally called Contrology, is what we know as Pilates. 

He went to the USA with his wife, Clara, and they set up a fitness studio in New York. His first clients were boxers, ballet dancers, actors and athletes.  A somewhat unorthdox figure – a cigar smoking exercise instructor teaching in swimming trunks –  his ideas and approach have inspired the huge industry that is Pilates today.